Growing Up Resilient

in Stressed Times

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Youth today are faced with pressures in and beyond the classroom, that they are struggling to cope with. In addition to the worry about grades, sports, friendships, and how to navigate socially- in person and online, kids today are faced with a  world where politics, violence and global climate change are reported as daily concerns. Host this informative and powerful lecture to learn how to help teens build a resiliency tool kit, how to differentiate between what normal worry looks like in teens and what could be true anxiety and what essential tools kids need to navigate life's challenges & build the resiliency needed, to rise to any challenge.


What you will learn:   


  • Teen Brain Development 

  • Re-framing Stress as a Call to Courage

  • What Tools Kids Need to Manage and Move Through Stress


For parents and caregivers of youth age 5-19 years of age. 

For middle school and high school, youth can be invited attend as well. 


Interactive lecture is 60 minutes and then 25 minutes of Q and A



(Plus additional cost for youth presenter if youth attend)

Sliding scale available.


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