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Professional Development 

Professional Development 

"We invited Yvonne Monique to come and do an extended staff training at our school. Yvonne Monique brought us an amazing professional development presentation with a focus on stress and drug and alcohol prevention in students. Not only was Yvonne Monique engaging she also was able to balance a bit of well placed and appropriate humor and levity to the presentation that kept the topic relaxed and informative and not boring or  terrifying. Our staff LOVED it and agreed it was the best professional development training we had that year.  Stress, drugs and alcohol are nothing new with students but the types of stress, drugs and alcohol that kids experience HAS changed. This topic is a MUST for parents and educators and Yvonne Monique gives the most up to date information in a thoughtful and professional manner. We intend on having her back again this year and we highly recommend her to other schools and parent groups as well."


Kim Estes

Admissions Director

Dartmoor School 

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