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If you’re thinking, things are different from when you grew up– you’re right. Hard alcohol can be purchased on a trip to the grocers and marijuana is now legalized and called "recreational." Vaping is being marketed to youth and is the new gateway to initiating life long smokers.  In this informative and interactive lecture, parents and caring adults are brought together to learn research-based tools to navigate the changing landscape of today's world and gain skills and practice to support your teens' safe passage into adulthood. We will look at the data on what research shows our kids are facing today and what evidence-based tools adults can use to help their tween and teen safely navigate the path to adulthood.  
What participants will learn:  

  • Tween / Teen Brain Development  

  • What the risks are that kids are facing today 

  • Getting clear on where you stand and how to communicate it to your teen - many mini conversations.


For parents and caregivers of youth age 9-19 years of age. 


Interactive lecture is 60 minutes and then 25 minutes of Q and A.



Sliding scale available.


If you would like more information or to book this lecture, click here. 

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