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It's not just work, its personal. 

Growing up in foster care, and thrust into adulthood,  Parent Tool School founder Yvonne-Monique Aviva,  has spent her life gathering and sharing the tools needed to build a big beautiful life with deep meaningful connections. Learning how to cultivate resiliency and then bravely committing to reach higher than simply surviving her circumstances; Aviva committed to building a life where she would dare to thrive. Thriving is flourishing. Thriving is growing relationships that are based on trust, respect and knowing love is a verb. Thriving is being able to hold emotions and not be controlled by them. Thriving is having big dreams and then accomplishing them. Thriving is having macro and micro-moments of authentic connection. 

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."Maya Angelou

In a world where adults and youth alike report feeling like human doings instead of human beings, where being connected to technology leaves us feeling more disconnected, intentional effort to learn more about the skills of thriving ensures youth today will have the tools to navigate the complexities of relationships, work, and life. In our organization, we lead with our vulnerability,we teach clients to celebrate mistakes, we acknowledge our privilege and we grow real change, by connecting hearts to minds to actions.  



Yvonne-Monique is the founder of Parent Tool School and Aviva Consulting where through engagement and humor, she helps transition and transform challenges into triumphs in organizations and within families. She has worked in school districts, private sector organizations, social service agencies, with parent groups, and various youth-serving organizations. She has been featured on NPR, in ParentMap Magazine, has taught in schools and organizations such as Microsoft, the US Naval Sea Cadet Academy and across the Northwest. Yvonne-Monique is a mother to a twenty-six-year-old son, a sixteen-year-old junior, and an almost mom to a 21-year-old goddaughter.   

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