Parent Tool School has extensive experience working with parents, teachers, leadership teams, students, and social service agencies in both the public and private sectors. We specialize in tweens and teen's social/ emotional learning and help youth caring adults understand what is facing kids today and what research shows we can do to help build young adults with inner resources to navigate the challenges and celebrations in life.  Our work is grounded in evidence-based research, trauma-informed care, racial equity, and neuroscience.
Clients rave about Parent Tool School's ability to grow authentic relationships, about the strengths-based approach to supporting families, and how inclusive spaces are created so that all people have access to sharing their perspective and brilliance. We are team collaborators, community relationship builders, equity leaders/equity followers, and people who can facilitate and manage people through the uncomfortably and heat of change.
If you are in need of parent coaching, youth leadership development or simply need someone to support parents and caregivers around adolescent development, we are here to co-create your vision. 

"Yvonne Monique took complex material and made it easy to understand and a joy to learn. She is funny, smart and understands and advocates for trauma-informed care in a way that reignited my own passion for working with impacted communities. I recommend her highly as did all the providers that attended her professional development workshop."


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